Remove / Entfernen Powered by Coppermine Photo Gallery (version 1.5)

Im Ordner /include die Datei öffnen. Um Zeile 1960 könnt ihr diesen lästigen und völlig unnötig versteckten Hinweis entfernen.

// Function for the credits-section
In previous versions of Coppermine the „Powered by Coppermine“ used to be
obfuscated to make it hard for non-coders to remove the tag. The reason behind
this was an additional license add-on that disallowed users to change the line.
The dev team has reviewed this policy for cpg1.5.x and decided that end users
ARE allowed to change or remove the line in legal terms.
HOWEVER: We have a forum policy for the support board instead: support will
only be given for galleries that show the „Powered by Coppermine“ tag
Before removing the credits, please consider this as well:
Coppermine is free software, the dev team ASKS you to keep the footer intact.
We’re convinced that you should give credit where credit is due. So please think
twice before you decide to remove the tag.

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